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Terms & Conditions

 UK only
Our website is directed at UK residents only. The products and services described are only available to UK residents. By completing a request for a quotation you confirm that you are resident in the UK  and you will immediately notify us if you cease to be so resident.

The content of this site and the products and services offered by us comply with appropriate UK legislation and regulation.

English Law will apply unless specifically agreed in writing prior to any dispute. 

Accuracy of information
The information that you provide to us must be true and correct to the best of your knowledge and belief as it will be the basis of the Contract between Insurers and you. In particular you should disclose any facts that would influence an insurer in the assessment and acceptance of the risk. If you are in any doubt about whether certain facts are relevant or not, please email us at Failure to disclose material information may invalidate your insurance cover and could mean that part, or all, of a claim may not be paid.

Boats covered
We only cover privately owned UK  based or registered boats. Your boat must be kept or moored in accordance with the territorial scope and terms of your Policy.
Your boat must be in a seaworthy condition and must not be skippered by any persons who to your knowledge have been refused boat insurance.

Data Protection Act
Some or all of the information you supply to us in connection with your insurance proposal will be held on computer and may be passed to other insurance companies for underwriting and claims purposes. Under the Data Protection Act 1998 you have a right of access to see personal information about you that is held in our records, whether electronically or manually. We reserve the right to make a small charge for supplying this. If you have any queries, please write to  WH Insurance Consultants, PO Box 738, Portsmouth. PO1 9AY.

The copyright for material contained in this website is owned by  WH Insurance and Appstation.

You may view any part of the website, and print a copy of it for your personal use. You may not use, copy, or distribute any of the material contained in the website for any other purpose, nor incorporate or distribute it in any other form or publication.

WH Insurance may revise these Terms and Conditions at any time by updating this page. If you renew your contract with us, or purchase a new product or service, you will be bound by the Terms and Conditions current at that time, which may differ from these.

If you proceed, and access the information included in this website,WH Insurance will take it that you have read, understood, and agree to be bound by the information and conditions contained in these pages.

Your Right to Cancel the Policy (Cooling off period)

You may cancel your policy within 14 days from the date you bought it or the date you received your policy documents (whichever is the later) by contacting us (WH Insurance Consultants). Your insurers will give you a full refund of any premium you have paid provided you have not made and are not intending to make a claim and no incident likely to give rise to a claim has occurred.

To cancel your policy outside the cooling off period, please refer to your policy wording.

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